Chief of District Police - Dir. of School Safety - (Topeka Public Schools)


Topeka Public Schools
Chief of District Police (Dir. of School Safety)

Position Purpose: Direct and manage a district police department by coordinating the daily operations to provide for the safety and security of students, employees, and facilities.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, law enforcement or related area. Five years supervisory and/or administrative experience that includes experience in law enforcement procedures, community mobilization and advocacy, facility security, vulnerability analysis, incident command, and crisis management. Must hold a current law enforcement certification for the state of Kansas.


  1. Knowledge of principles, practices, and techniques of law enforcement management
  2. Knowledge of police department rules, regulations, policies, and procedures
  3. Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws as they apply to a public school environment
  4. Ability to promote positive relationships with school staff and the community
  5. Ability to create and provide educational instruction to students and staff on police-related subjects, both in the classroom and in a public setting
  6. Ability to appropriately apply safety techniques and procedures in a school setting
  7. Knowledgeable of security systems such as CCTV, radios, building alarms, and similar systems and equipment
  8. Ability to meet and deal with the public with tact and diplomacy

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise district-at-large campus police officers, night campus police officers, operational supervision for high school coordinators and other officers. Coordinate supervision of officers assigned to district buildings with local law enforcement.
  2. Prepare and present written and oral reports.
  3. Assess District facility security, implement school security programs and evaluate their effectiveness.
  4. Work with community agencies for improvement of mobilization and advocacy.
  5. Provide understanding and sensitivity to community and diverse cultural issues.
  6. Manage the reporting of crimes, investigations and surveillance. Coordinate campus police activities with court authorities, school officials and school neighborhood watch.
  7. Responsible for incident command and/or crisis management when necessary.
  8. Prepare annual budget request and monitor expenditures.
  9. Maintain records of all campus police program activities to assure adequacy.
  10. Respond to calls for security related problems on a 24hour basis.
  11. Coordinate with administrative staff in the reassignment of campus police personnel.
  12. Inform appropriate administrators of potentially significant incidents involving the security of the district staff, students and property.
  13. Responsible for the management of all electronic burglar alarm systems.
  14. Plan and provide training for campus police officers to insure state certification.
  15. Request the purchase of equipment and supplies.
  16. Supervise night, weekend and holiday patrols.
  17. Perform other related duties as assigned by the Superintendent or designee.

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