Deputy Sheriff (Ness County Sheriff, KS)


logo for ness county sheriffs office

Ness County Sheriff's Office located in Western Kansas has an opening for Deputy Sheriff. Preference will be given to Individuals with prior Law Enforcement experience. Applicant must show excellent people skills. Position requires working, rotating 12 hour shifts. Uniforms, take-home vehicle and equipment are provided. Some additional benefits available are paid holidays, KPERS retirement, and health insurance.


Starting wage is negotiable based on previous experience and qualifications. Uncertified Deputies starting wage is 15.56/hr.


Applicant must be at least 21 years of age and a United States citizen who has never been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. Applicant must demonstrate honesty and integrity by successfully completing pre-employment background investigation and drug testing, and must not be subject to Giglio impeachment.

Must have a valid Kansas Driver's license or be able to obtain one prior to employment.

Applicant will also be required to pass a medical physical.

Must live in or move to Ness County, KS within 6 months of employment.


• Keeps and preserves the Peace in the County and Suppress all riots and unlawful assemblies
• Enforce the laws of the State of Kansas
• Serve Court Documents for civil and criminal proceedings
• Transport prisoners
• Provide assistance to the public, particularly in times of natural disasters
• Enforce traffic laws and assist stranded motorists
• Attends and completes all training requirements as required by KSCPOST
• All other duties as required by the Sheriff


Applications will be accepted until filled. Applications must be obtained by emailing Sheriff Brandon Mitchell, calling the Ness County Sheriffs Office at (785)798-3611 or by meeting in person at 221 W Main St, Ness City, Ness County, Kansas 67560.