School Resource Officer (Greenwood County Sheriff's Office)



The Greenwood County Sheriff's Office is taking applications for the position of a School Resource Officer in the Eureka area school district. This position will be a duly sworn law enforcement officer that works alongside educators to help mentor students while also providing a visible police presence to help protect our schools. The SRO main responsibility will be split into three areas: teacher, informal counselor and law enforcement officer. The SRO will work extra-curricular activities as well as serve as a road deputy during the summer months. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older, possess a valid driver's license, possess a high school diploma, must have a felony-free criminal record, and must not have any domestic violence convictions. Applicants must be able to legally possess a firearm to carry out duties needed to perform this job. Uniforms, training, and necessary equipment are supplied by the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office. Benefits include KPERS retirement, health insurance options, dental insurance options, vision insurance options, earned sick leave, and earned vacation leave. KLETC certification and prior resource officer experience is preferred, but not required. Compensation will depend on prior experience ($48,000-$64,000 a year including benefits). Applications can be picked up and submitted at the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office or email to receive an application by email.

All applications need to be received on or before August 1, 2022