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Police Officer (Marysville, KS)

The Marysville Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of Full- Time Police Officer.

The City of Marysville, Kansas is seeking highly motivated individuals for full-time Police Officer positions. Our officer’s duties include but are not limited to enforcing federal, state and local laws, enforcing traffic regulations, accident investigation, criminal investigation, crime scene management and assisting other agencies or citizens as necessary.



  • Maintains community presence and/or responds to calls related to the protection of life and property, traffic incidents, and other public safety emergencies; Performs self-initiated patrols consisting of monitoring roadways, neighborhoods and high crime areas of the City. Observes traffic for violations of local ordinances and issues citations and/or makes arrests. Investigates and renders assistance at the scene of vehicular accidents; summons ambulances and other law enforcement vehicles;
  • Responds to calls which include domestic incidents, burglaries, property crimes, child abuse, juvenile disturbances, health and welfare assists, alcohol and narcotics violations, civil standby, business and residential alarms, thefts, traffic accidents, civil protection order/no contact order violations, bomb threats, hazardous material spills, and other public and life safety incidents;
  • Conducts both preliminary and follow-up investigations and collects evidence in disturbances, criminal incidents, hazardous incidents, vehicle accidents, and deaths; Verbally interacts with witnesses and victims, suspects, and offenders to obtain information; Conducts examinations of persons, vehicles, premises, or areas to determine the presence of individuals or illegal activities or articles;
  • Determines the existence of probable cause and identifies and takes suspects and offenders into physical custody, or refers charges for review and prosecution; Takes suspect or offender into custody and delivers them to appropriate confinement location while maintaining security and safety of individuals being moved from one location to another; Prepares reports of arrests made, activities performed, and unusual incidents observed; and
  • Executes official documents of the court serving arrest warrants, subpoenas, etc.; Attends court proceedings and offers testimony regarding various criminal and traffic cases; performs court security functions as assigned.


Applicant must satisfy all requirements as set forth in Kansas Statute 74-5605:

      (1)   Is a United States citizen;

      (2)   Has been fingerprinted and a search of local, state and national fingerprint files has been made to determine whether the applicant has a criminal record; (MPD will conduct this requirement)

(3)   Has not been convicted, does not have an expunged conviction, and on and after July 1, 1995, has not been placed on diversion by any state or the federal government for a crime which is a felony or its equivalent under the uniform code of military justice;

(4)   Has not been convicted, does not have an expunged conviction, has not been placed on diversion by any state or the federal government for a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or its equivalent under the uniform code of military justice, when such misdemeanor crime of domestic violence was committed on or after the effective date of this act;

      (5)   Is the holder of a high-school diploma or furnishes evidence of successful completion of an examination indicating an equivalent achievement;

      (6)   Is of good moral character;

      (7)   Has completed a psychological test approved by the

      (8)   Is free of any physical or mental condition which might adversely affect the applicant's performance of a police officer's or law enforcement officer's duties; and

      (9)   Is at least 21 years of age.


A high school diploma or GED is required; and a technical degree or some college credit is preferred. 


Licenses and Certifications: 

This position requires that after employment the officer successfully graduate from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC). CPR and First Aid certifications are required which can be obtained during KLETC Basic training. 40 hours of continuing education annually.  Must possess and maintain a valid Kansas Driver's License with a satisfactory driving record and to be insurable to operate City vehicles. 



Applicants must have above average written and verbal communication skills; correctable vision to 20/20; and have no commissions/convictions of any felony.

Must pass a written test (qualified applicant will be notified of test date at a later time), oral board interview, in depth background investigation, a psychological evaluation, the pre-employment physical examination with capacity testing and drug screen.


Please Submit Application, Résumé to Sergeant David Ohlde at below listed address. You may receive a copy of an application by emailing or calling Ruth Maschmeier.  One will be emailed to you or mailed to you via the US mail. 


The Application Process Closes May 15th 2016

Starting salary for a new police officer:

  • Starting $15.09 hr. Two weeks 90 hour pay periods. Overtime paid after 86 hours. 4 hours overtime built into schedule. 

Any questions please contact:

Ruth Maschmeier                                    Sergeant David Ohlde

Marysville Police Department                     Marysville Police Department

207 South 10th Street                                207 South 10th Street

Marysville, KS 66508                                 Marysville, Kansas 66508

Ph: 785-562-2343                                      Ph: 785-562-2343
rubygen@yahoo.com                                 d.ohlde@bluevalley.net

Kansas Sheriffs' Association
Sandy Horton, Executive Director
P.O. Box 1122 • Pittsburg, KS 66762 • 620-230-0864 • Fax 620-230-0866
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