President's Message

Kansas Sheriffs, though elected by the public, are arguably the least partisan and politically motivated elected officials that you can find in this State. Largely this is because the nature of the job requires us to remain completely mission focused on almost all areas of public safety. As an example, in several counties across this state, you can find an EMS response bag or even a set of Firefighting Turn Out gear in the Sheriff's vehicle, not because it looks good, but because they recognize their need and role in protecting the citizens in their county in more ways than enforcing the law.  This type of focus is also seen within our Association in our regular efforts as well. The Kansas Sheriffs Association, founded in 1957, has been focused on efforts that don't benefit Sheriff's as individuals but strengthen the Office of Sheriff in a way that directly benefits those they serve here in Kansas. This focus has placed our Association in a position to have our views heard and often sought on issues regarding public safety.

This website serves as just one mechanism to keep our members and the public informed about efforts on a regular basis. Our hope is that you find the site useful and that you learn not only more about our Association but might even find a way to help us out.

From Kansas City to Elkhart and from St. Francis to Columbus you will find 104 duly elected Sheriffs who are not only proud members of this Association, but are focused on the mission of Public Safety statewide.  We cannot say thank you enough for your support.

B. Cole Presley, Graham County Sheriff